History And Mythological Inference of Arulmigu Brahmapureeswarar Temple Tirupattur

       The temple has special shrines for Lord Jupiter, Lord Brahmma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu appears in Narasimha form. People go round the temple on the ‘Guru Brahmma-Guru Vishnu’ mantra principle. This is a rare form in the temple. In the entrance hall, the statue of Sarabeswara quelling the fury of Narasimha is splendidly sculpted. The very stepping into the temple ensures all prosperity to the devotee.
Brahmma appears with turmeric dressing on all Thursdays. Brhamma is the authority for the Jupiter planet. It is the general belief of the people that the aspect of Brahmma would fall only on such persons whose bad destinies would change for good. It is said that those with lesser sins and the devotees would have their fate corrected. Even attack of diseases will change. Pregnant women get easy deliveries without surgeries. Waste expenses do not occur. A student, habitually failing will start shining. But Lord Brahmma does not entertain unreasonable and unjust petitions, on the contrary such prayer attempts would worsen the situation.
In one Mandap, the entire Narasimha Avatara episodes are beautifully sculpted. The musical pillars in the temple represent the story of Ravana attempting to lift Mount Kailash and begging Lord Shiva’s pardon with his Sama Gana singing skill.
The Shodasalings with its 16 stripes worshipped by Lord Brahmma is in a special Mandap. The roof is made of wood. There is a story that Sage Patanjali with snake legs and author of astrological science attained Siddhi (salvation) in 10 shrines. This is one among them. His Samadhi (Tomb) is in the temple. It is believed that he is still alive and continues to write the Yoga Sutras. The sage still graces mankind from his tomb authoring holy books.
Kanchi Seer (Periaval) once explained that Lord Shiva handed over the Vedas to Ambika who gave them to Brhamma then. Brhamma gave to Nandhi and they reached the Rishis from him. It appears that this may be the place where this happened, because the temple is the home of Brhammapureeswarar, Brahmmanayaki, a gigantic Nandhi and Patanjali Rishi and gains a special significance.
Brahmma worship should be done with 36 lamps (representing 27 stars and 9 planets) offering 108 tamarind rice balls. The devotee should walk 9 rounds.
All the 12 Lingas worshipped by Brahmma are in the temple giving the devotee the benefit of worshipping the Jyothirlingas in a single place. Having cut off Lord Brahma’s 5th head, Lord Shiva got the Brahmaharthi Dhosham, and the plucked head of Brahma stuck to his palm. Lord Shiva started out on a pilgrimage to liberate Himself from the curse by begging for food with Lord Brahma’s skull as the begging vessel. But whatever food was put into the vessel immediately disappeared. It was at Bitchandar Koil; that Lord Perumal requested Devi Lakshmi, as Poornavalli Thayar to offer food to Lord Shiva. Devi Lakshmi filled the vessel with food to end Lord Shiva’s hunger.